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Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Division(s) within MFA with a role or interest in biosecurity:

Unit for Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-proliferation
The Unit is responsible for arms control policy and general arms control issues, multilateral disarmament and non-proliferation, control of nuclear non-proliferation and ban on chemical and biological weapons, issues   Read More »


Office of the Prime Minister
Division(s) within the Office of the Prime Minister with a role or interest in biosecurity:

National Defence General Secretariat (SGDN)
The SGDN, as an interministerial secretariat, focuses on research, preparing decisions and monitoring their implementation. It coordinates and runs working groups, set up in collaboration with all ministries concerned, the most important of which are the Ministries of Defence, Foreign affairs,   Read More »


Federal Ministry of Defence
The Federal Ministry of Defence is responsible for the defence policy and activities in Germany. Through the Bundeswehr Medical Service, the Defence Ministry is equipped to preserve detect biological agents and restore the health of soldiers who are in danger of or have experienced exposure to biological agents.   Read More »


Ministry of Development
Division(s) within MOD with a role or interest in biosecurity:

General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT)
GSRT supports, through its programmes, the research activities of both the country’s scientific research institutes and those of its productive industry, focusing on areas that are important for the national economy and for the improvement of the quality of life.   Read More »


Office the Prime Minister

Ministry of Rural Development (MARD)
Provides central governance for the agriculture, game management and fisheries, the food sector, forest management and forest conservation, research and development, agricultural product turnover, agri-environmental management, plant protection, plant health, animal health, conservation of the quality of   Read More »