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How Yelp Can Be Used to Track Outbreaks of Food Poisoning

When a Shigella outbreak at a San Jose, California, seafood restaurant sickened dozens of people last weekend, Yelp reviewers were on the case—right alongside public-health officials.

We Now Know More About Sexually Transmitted Ebola

(TIME) In March 2015, officials discovered that a Liberian man who had survived Ebola had possibly passed the virus on to his female partner many months after it was thought to be safe for a survivor to engage in sexual activity. Genetic material of Ebola was identified in the man’s sperm  Read More »

U.S. Readies for a Return of Bird Flu

(Wall Street Journal)- U.S. poultry companies and regulators are taking unprecedented steps to combat the potential return of an avian-influenza virus that roiled egg and turkey farmers earlier this year and killed more than 48 million birds.

Legionnaires’ Bacteria Regrew in Bronx Cooling Towers That Were Disinfected

(TheNewYorkTimes)- The 15 water-cooling towers that were found to be contaminated this week amid a new cluster of Legionnaires’ disease cases had been disinfected less than two months ago, New York City officials said on Thursday, raising questions about how successful the city can be in containing the disease.

Millions More Need H.I.V. Treatment, W.H.O. Says

(TheNewYorkTimes)- The World Health Organization issued sweeping new guidelines on Wednesday that could put millions more people on H.I.V. drugs than are now getting them. The recommendations could go a long way toward halting the epidemic, health officials say, but would cost untold billions of dollars not yet committed.