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Bioterrorism Experts Criticize Possible Cuts to Bioshield Funds

WASHINGTON — Leading bioterrorism experts yesterday criticized the Obama administration’s apparent willingness to support a measure that could strip $2 billion from the coffers of programs to develop WMD countermeasures and fight pandemic flu. “Raiding the Bioshield SRF for nonbiodefense programs will drive a stake through the heart of America’s fledgling  Read More »

Pentagon Awards $12.25M for Biodefense Study

The U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency has awarded $12.25 million to Texas A&M University's Institute for Genetic Medicine to identify genes responsible for vulnerabilities to potential biological-weapon agents, the university announced this week (see GSN, June 24). Using highly sophisticated robotic instruments and screening systems, scientists are expected to examine more  Read More »

Risk Management in Agriculture: What Role for Governments?

(OECD) Agricultural risk management policies should focus on catastrophic risks, according to this overview. Managing normal risk should be the preserve of farmers themselves, not of government policy.