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Vanderbilt receives Gates Foundation grant to develop wristband mosquito repellent device

The concept of a wrist- or ankle-band that would emit a colorless, odorless protective shield is the outgrowth of previous research into the mosquito’s sense of smell performed by Vanderbilt biologist Laurence J. Zwiebel and an international team of collaborators with the support of the foundation’s original Grand Challenges in Global  Read More »

Indian Woman Being Treated in U.S. for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis

(NY Times) Infectious diseases carried around the world by air travelers have become a fact of modern life, with imported cases in just the last year of Ebola, Lassa fever and, now, a highly drug-resistant form of tuberculosis.  In the latest incident, a woman with TB flew from India to O’Hare International Airport  Read More »

Scores of labs may have received live anthrax samples from Army facility

(LA Times) An Army bio-defense facility in Utah may have mistakenly sent live anthrax samples to 51 commercial companies, academic institutions and federal labs without proper safeguards, more than double the total disclosed last week, a widening Pentagon investigation has found.

South Korea grapples with MERS as 1,364 in quarantine

(CNN) The World Health Organization warned that the MERS outbreak in South Korea is likely to grow, as 1,364 people remained under quarantine Wednesday and confirmed cases grew to 30 people. So far, two people have died after contracting the respiratory virus in South Korea in the largest MERS outbreak outside  Read More »

A Novel Device for Preventing Acute Radiation Syndrome in Emergency First Responders

The destructive potential of radioactive material may be realized following an accidental or intentional reactor meltdown, a radiological ‘dirty’ bomb explosion or even a nuclear detonation. These risks are fueled by the ongoing race of unstable regimes to obtain nuclear arms. Most worrisome is a scenario in which terrorists acquire a  Read More »