National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats 2009

This National Strategy for Countering Biological Threats articulates our vision for managing these evolving and complex risks. It is a vision of shared commitment wherein the United States Government works with domestic and international partners to advance the health security of all people. It recognizes that the pace and progress of the life sciences require tailored approaches to mitigate the potential for misuse with minimal impacts upon beneficial use. Finally, it establishes a series of mutually reinforcing activities to address specific threats as they arise.
We will continue to face new and emerging biological threats that will require the coordinated andconcertedeffortsofabroadrangeofdomesticandinternationalpartners. Aswetakeaction to counter these threats, we will work together to advance our own health security and provide for the improved condition of all humanity.

National Security Council
Publish Date:
Nov 2009