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DIYbio Continental Congress 2011: European Congress

May 8, 2011

DIYbio.org is organizing a series of events in 2011, where we will bring together delegates from existing DIYbio regional groups to collaborate on the development of a draft DIYbio code that may serve as a framework for helping us achieve a vibrant, productive and safe global community of DIYbio practitioners, regional groups, and community labs.


Morning Session: History and Future of DIYbio
09:00am: Welcome & Objectives
09:30am: Presentations by each regional group
10:30am: Future of DIYbio foresight workshop (guest facilitator)
11:30am: What are codes? Why code? (guest speaker)
12:15pm: Lunch & Coffee

Afternoon Session: Coding
01:15pm: Coding Workshop, Session 1
02:45pm: Break
03:00pm: Coding Workshop, Session 2
04:00pm: Reconvene and discuss elements of code
05:30pm: What did we learn, what’s next?
06:00pm: Adjourn

We have arranged for a graphic recorder to be present to capture the ideas and discussion highlights, so that we can make those available to the wider DIYbio community at the conclusion of the event.


It is up to each active regional DIYbio group to nominate 1 or 2 delegates to send to the congress. It is important that each delegate nominated be willing to do several hours of preparation in advance of the congress and come to the event ready to work and contribute for a full day. At the end of the congress, we will ask each delegate to communicate the proceedings of the event to their regional DIYbio group members and seek feedback, along other items that we determine over the course of the event.

We are limiting the size of each Congress to about 10-12 people in order to maximize the quality of the discussion and productivity. While not everyone will be able to participate in the face-to-face events this year, we will be posting the proceedings online for feedback and discussion by the wider community. We hope to expand the congress to other continents in future years and to include more people.


The first congress will be held in London on May 8, 2011 in association with the LSE BIOS Centre. We are inviting existing (and active) regional groups in Europe to each send 1-2 delegates to the one-day event, including:

Copenhagen, DK (BiologiGaragen)
Paris, France (La Paillasse)
United Kingdom (including London, Manchester, Ireland)

Please let us know if you are you part of a regional amateur biology group that would like to participate in the Congress, but are not on the list above. We will include as many people we can within our space constraints.

Apply to participate here.

Deadline to apply is April 10, 2011.


We will repeat the exercise at a second congress to be held in San Francisco on June 14, 2011.

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