About Us

The Virtual Biosecurity Center (VBC), founded in 2011, is a global multi-organizational initiative spearheaded by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) committed to countering the threat posed by the development or use of biological weapons and the responsible use of science and technology. The VBC is the ‘one stop shop’ for biosecurity information, education, best practices, and collaboration.

The VBC offers:

  • Comprehensive biosecurity news and events, an education center and library updated on a continuous basis with the most current information;
  • The Global Forum on Biorisks, a collaborative online forum and tool for informing policy and empowering partnerships among professional biosecurity communities around the world;
  • Calendar of global conferences to raise awareness and develop plans to address both current and future biosecurity issues;
  • Outreach activities on cutting-edge topics with interactive webcasts;
  • Education and partnership to bridge the gap between the scientific, public health, intelligence and law enforcement communities;
  • Funding opportunities and coordination including graduate fellowships;
  • Translations into more than 50 languages including the 6 UN languages.

The release of a dangerous biological agent, whether intentional, accidental or caused by a natural outbreak, could cause millions of casualties and result in far-reaching economic impacts. Now more than ever, biosecurity awareness, public health preparedness, and education on the responsible use of science and technology are crucial components for dealing with these threats. The VBC was developed with a grant from the National Counter Proliferation Center (NCPC) of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), and the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

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